Are you planning a honeymoon in Africa? Find the best honeymoon destinations on this continent of great diversity and beauty. Catering to all sorts of interests and proclivities, Africa is host to some of the most romantic places on the planet. Celebrate this once in a lifetime holiday in style in either bush, beach or both.

Enjoy your honeymoon with value-added trimmings and gifts. Toast to the start of your new journey through life while you down a bottle of bubbly at one of many beautiful locations.

Choose from single destination packages or dreamy holiday combos.

Sun drenched beaches and tropical islands – Picture yourself on a postcard perfect beach, soaking up the tropical sun as you tuck into a picnic with your toes in the sand. Have plenty of fun in the surf and enjoy phenomenal diving and snorkelling in warm azure waters.
Dramatic landscapes – Africa is a sight for sore eyes, with breathtaking landscapes that make for romantic backdrops for memorable honeymoons
Exotic wildlife – Blessed with an astounding array of wildlife, both on land and water. Tick off the Big 5 and look out for the more elusive and endangered species.
World class facilities – Choose your ideal location and find the accommodation that suits your pocket and preferences. With so many options available, you can be sure to find one that ticks all the boxes for you.


1. TANZANIA: Explosive wildlife encounters in the world’s best parks. Big 5 safaris, Wildebeest Migration, cultural experiences and a beach haven on the shores of the Indian Ocean. Pick the place and we will find you the perfect accommodation.

2. SOUTH AFRICA: Adventure activities, relaxation, mountains, beaches and abundant wildlife. The ultimate honeymoon experience in spectacular settings. Often referred to as a world in one country for all the scenic options.

3. MOZAMBIQUE: Beaches, islands, fantastic villas. Incredible scuba diving, sport fishing plus an extensive menu of exhilarating water sports. Enjoy barefoot bliss or ultimate luxury on a glorious Indian Ocean coastline.


4. ZIMBABWE: Verdant wildlife areas teeming with game and birds, historical monuments and cultural sites, plus a magnificent natural landmark – the mighty Victoria Falls. You will be spoiled for choice with a range of exciting things to do. Zimbabwe is regaining it’s status as an African holiday hotspot.

5. KENYA: Complete escapism in Mother Nature’s bosom. Home of the Masai warriors and the renowned wildebeest migration. Observe the myriad of wildlife species in awe-inspiring locations.

6. NAMIBIA: Dramatic landscapes at their best – towering red sand dunes, stark deserts and rugged terrain. An off the beaten track honeymoon experience for discerning couples. Witness desert-adapted wildlife and capture the sheer beauty of Namibia on photographic safaris.

7. ZANZIBAR: Idyllic, palm-fringed beaches on a dream island paradise. Enjoy sensational diving and snorkeling plus a host of exciting water sports on the spice island. With it’s colonial heritage, Zanzibar offers so much more.

8. RWANDA: For a unique honeymoon, Rwanda is the place to go. Immerse yourself in nature and get up close and personal with our primate cousins on gorilla trekking.

9. BOTSWANA: Be in touch with nature in pristine Botswana. Explore one of the world’s most unique ecosystems on board a traditional canoe and be amazed at the incredible volumes of wildlife and prolific birds.

10. MAURITIUS: An island retreat for unforgettable honeymoons. Spoil your spouse with a magical beach break on sublime palm-fringed beaches. Spend your holiday touring the island and exploring the hidden treasures below the sea.

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