• Azura Benguerra Island

Couples Retreat

Mauritius is your all time cool romantic spot. I mean, who doesn’t agree that blissful white beaches, soft azure tides ebbing and flowing and decadent luxury are not dreamy? If you head to the east coast, you will find some of the best island accommodation and service in the world. And you will see fewer people in this off the beaten track region where nature smiles at you in all her glory. Every couple travelling with Journey in Style will be able to take advantage of fantastic activities including water sports, kite surfing, surfing, yachting and more. We recommend that you choose the One & Only Le St Geran for your couple’s retreat in Mauritius. For here you can tuck into unique and personal spa treatments, delicious local foods and amazing outdoor activities. Live the life of luxury when you holiday as a couple at Le St Geran – every mod con you can imagine and professional service to make you smile. Moving away from the Indian Ocean to the African interior and your stylish Journey takes you to Kenya’s renowned Maasai Mara Game Reserve. Imagine seeing the Great Migration with your loved one, in a remote and wild destination where nature plays her best role yet? Journey in Style bring you the delightful Rekero Camp, a unique setting we think is quite simply the best spot for viewing the Great Migration. Gasp together in awe at huge herds of wildebeest entering Kenya on their long trek through the Serengeti-Mara ecosystem. You can see the animals crossing the Talek River from the main deck, or better still, from your own private tent! There is a tiny island off the African coast where tall palm trees sway and the silence is golden. Couples love to retreat to the Seychelles and Journey in Style takes you there the way you want it to be. We choose Denis Private Island for its remoteness and sheer beauty – romance defined. The island’s natural beauty is as important as the guests’ pleasures. Go scuba diving with instructors from the pro PADI dive centre – look out for Whale sharks and Manta rays and all kinds of great sea creatures. Enjoy your Creole hosts, décor and amenities on this enchanted island holiday escape. A bit further north and into true wilderness takes couples to tranquillity and back to real love. In Tanzania you will find the remote Katavi National Park in the west near Lake Tanganyika where few travellers go so ideal for me time and you time together. Book into an exclusive wildlife camp and be treated to game drives, walks and plenty of privacy with animals and birds to serenade you. One of the best destinations to observe the largest herds of buffalo on earth and enormous lion prides. As if that is not enough wildness, we bring you the famous Serengeti National Park - without doubt one of the world’s most illustrious wilderness areas. It is renowned for its 2500 lions, the largest concentration of these huge cats found anywhere in the world and Journey in Style can plan your trip to coincide with the annual Great Wildebeest Migration – 6 million hooves pound the open plains as more than 200,000 zebra and 300,000 Thomson’s gazelle join the wildebeest trek for fresh grazing. Stay a few days together at Klein’s Camp reflecting a vintage safari style and set on the edge of the Kuka Hills. Picture 10 whitewashed cottages with wooden floors and incredible views of the Serengeti. Gather around blazing fireplaces to share the day’s adventures. Allow Journey in Style to tailor make your couple’s retreat today and you simply get there and enjoy.

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