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Fish River Canyon

Best known for its challenging hiking trail, the Fish River Canyon is the largest canyon of its kind in Africa, plus the second most visited tourist attraction in Namibia.Go and see ancient Stone Age sites dating back as early as 50 000 years ago. This shows that people have always used the river as the only constant water source in Namibia.


Discover a huge assortment of endemic plant life: gnarled quiver trees, tall aloes and quaint ‘half-mens’. Look out for wildlife: Rock Hyrax, Ground Squirrel, Jackal Buzzard, kudu, baboons, ostrich and Hartmann’s Zebra.


The Fish River is the longest river in Namibia.In some places, the deep ravine cuts to 550 metres deep, running a total of 160 km and sometimes up to 27 km wide. The plateau is very dry and hot and the river only floods in summer, the rest of the year changing into a chain of pools.


Enjoy the hot springs of Ai-Ais near the bottom end of the Fish River Canyon. The Ai-Ais area was used as a base by the Germans when they fought the Namas at the turn of the century and was declared a national monument in 1962.


To protect the area around the south of the Fish River Canyon from development, the Ai-Ais National Park was proclaimed in 1969 for eco-tourism endeavours. Today the Ai-AisRichtersveldTransfrontier Park is Namibia’s first Peace Park, managed jointly by the local Nama people and the South African National Parks.  

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