This 12-day bush-beach vacation is designed for adventure and relaxation. Explore two very different worlds as you seek out wildlife in the mind-blowing Okavango Delta where solitude in nature is key. Then completely change your environment as you fly to the Seychelles for a week in luxury – warm oceans and sunny beaches! The unique combo of Big 5, bush walks, mountain bike rides in island forests and deep sea diving make this simply the best holiday ever.


Okavango Delta      Botswana


Enjoy Birding, Nature, Wildlife, and more

Experience Mombo Camp, a flagship luxury lodge widely recognised as the finest Botswana Safari in Africa. Mombo has also become the epicentre of a continentally-important rhino relocation and conservation programme. Enjoy 9 spacious tents with unobstructed views over a floodplain teeming with wildlife. Each guest tent boasts polished wooden floors, an outdoor shower and thatched sala for full connection to the wonders of the Okavango. Visit 4Cs Centre, an interactive experience where you can learn about Wilderness Safaris’ sustainable operations.

North Island      Seychelles


North Island is a place of barefoot luxury for those seeking an unspoilt, spectacular tropical retreat . There are only 11 individually handcrafted guest villas on the entire island, each constructed to create a sensational experience in surroundings of understated elegance and providing a unique atmosphere and distinct flavor of the Seychelles.