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Liuwa Plain National Park

See more than 43 000 wildebeest crossing this vast national park in Zambia. It is easy to get lost in this enormous 3 660 square kilometre wilderness region. And what an ideal safari destination for the more experienced and adventurous traveller.


Take a guide with you to observe breath-taking herds of Tsessebe, Roan antelope, Red lechwe and zebra – and predators being lions, cheetah, jackal, serval, wild cat and African wild dogs. Look out for regal buffalo and eland, recently re-introduced into the park - and hyena is a common occurrence. The start of the dry season is the best time to visit the Liuwa Plains as thousands of blue wildebeest arrive from Angola, gathering en masse in the north-west. Watch them slowly graze their way southwards, following numerous pans and their accompanying nutritious foliage.


Here they await the onset of the rains - thunderstorms at Liuwa are very dramatic and showy. Remember that Liuwa Plains National Park is almost impossible to cross in the rains when the plains are covered in water. However, there is a network of good sand roads within the park itself, ideal for the dry season.


Birders will be in awe of the rare and migratory bird species which gather in Liuwa. The park is considered to be the fourth most important breeding site for Wattled cranes. Experience the incredible arrival of flocks of water birds to the flooding of the plains every year. Bring your binoculars to see some of the 334 species in all their glory, some roosting in the scattered groves of trees. Look out for the regal Tawny and Marshall eagles, elegant Wattled and Crowned cranes, the Woodland kingfisher, Pink-throated longclaw, Secretary birds, White-bellied bustards, Long-tailed whydah and a host of smaller colourful birds.


Book into the only solitary camp in the Liuwa National Park, the Matamanene Camp. Enjoy simplistic, rustic and seasonal facilities. Immerse yourself in the glorious wilderness with Liuwa Plains Mobile Camp by booking a few nights in small safari tents with all bedding and linen required.
Professional staff will ensure you have hot water, ablutions and wonderful food to eat around a boma fire at night. Listen to nature as you sleep under the stars. If you are making such a huge effort to get to the remote Liuwa, take the time to stay in a campsite run by local people. Experience their cultural dancing, traditional fishing and boating activities.

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