Take your shoes off and learn to live life without them. Explore rock pools and cliffs at low tide and watch birds and crabs when the tide is high. Privacy, the sun, crystal blue waters, fish and birds – what more do you need? Learn that the whole island is rented from the nearby village of Sonsosongo whose people benefit from the lodge income for their social development. Natural and wild, do not expect rolling lawns and swimming pools.


Fanjove Island is the smallest of six islands in the Songosongo Archipelago, just off the coast of Tanzania. Palm-fringed, powder-white sands; azure, shimmering waters; the call of birdsong; and the whole island to yourself. As a secluded island, guests share Fanjove only with the abundant resident marine life, and of course our dedicated staff, who help to deliver the experience of a lifetime.

Intact coral reef spans for miles; the prolific wildlife includes spinner dolphin, green turtles and humpback whales. On Fanjove, time seems to have no pull, and guests feel privileged to alight upon this pristine island – an unadulterated paradise, still very much as nature intended. Only the 19th century lighthouse and some architectural remnants of a former fishing village settlement hint at previous occupation by anything other than wildlife - evoking thoughts of historical discovery, desert island life and adventure.

The accommodation is everything you would expect; six discreet, eco-chic private bandas are set along the sandy shore in complete harmony with the environment. Made from all natural, traditional materials, the whole property is designed to leave as little footprint possible.

Fanjove Island in the Songo Songo Archipelago, 140km south of Dar Es Salaam, off the coast of Zanzibar and Tanzania.
Fanjove Private Island, set in a wonderful uncontaminated tropical island is a destination unexplored. Nobody lives on Fanjove except the guests and lodge staff! The whole island is rented from the nearby village of Sonsosongo whose community gain a 3%  contribution of the lodge income for their social development.
The lodge is designed to blend in and is in keeping with its surroundings. Natural and wild, do not expect rolling lawns and swimming pools. The main lodge encompasses the dining area, lounge and bar overlooking pristine beaches waiting to be explored.
The 6 huts, called Bandas are designed to resemble the shape of a dhow and are made of wood and makuti (palm leaves). The  bathroom is built in concrete but is in harmony with the rest of the building. The banda is designed to be completely open at its front with doors and curtains at the guests disposal to protect from wind and sun.
Solar panels on the top of the makuti roof power the lights in the bandas and hot water is heated by a 90litre tank solar panel. Fresh water is not found on the island and guests are asked to be sensitive on water consumption as it is shipped in daily from the mainland.
There are many activities and guests are free to explore the island as much as they want. There are certain areas which as they are of significant spiritual importance to local residents can only be visited when accompanied by a staff member.
The Fanjove coral reef extends for 11kms and is mostly unexplored. This tropical paradise in the Indian Ocean is a perfect marine metropolis where humpback whales migrate, sea turtles lay eggs and tropical fish play. Varied marine landscapes for underwater pinnacles and gardens of coral with 20+ meter visability make for a rare chance to experience an area that not many have explored before.

Fanjove Private Island Lodge


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